We connect to the earth as Dancers, Innovators, Farmers, Athletes, Scientists, Community Organizers, Activists and Advocates;

However you understand sustainability or conservation, we encourage you to apply for funding to bring your message to the wider Wesleyan community.



Our Process


However you understand sustainability or conservation, we invite you to apply for Green Fund funding.


Once you have submitted a funding application, please schedule an appointment to come to our meeting and present/discuss your project idea. This is a time for Green Fund members as well as you to ask any questions about the funding process. 


After the meeting and usually within the evening, we will get back to you about our decision via email. If you are awarded funding, please reference the next step.


In order to receive your awarded funding, make an appointment with the Director of Sustainability, Jen Kleindeinst, whose office is located in North College on the 4th floor.

  • If you are a WSA-approved student group, make sure to have your smart-key ready

  • If you are an individual or not a WSA-approved student group, you will receive your own smart-key

  • If you are need retroactive funding, make sure to have itemized receipts of your approved purchases

Report Back

Once your project is complete, please fill out the post-project evaluation form on our website and tell us how your project went! You can only apply for funding again once you've completed the Post-Project Evaluation Form for your previous project.