Meet the Wesleyan Green Fund

Oriana Tannenbaum '20 (Co-Facilitator)

Ori is from Katonah, New York and is majoring in Studio Art and Sociology.  She is a member of Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest and also a Fellow for Our Climate’s National Put A Price On It campaign which is working to bring carbon pricing to the United States.  Last spring she interned at the Natural Resources Defense Council doing work to reduce meat consumption through the three largest food service providers in the United States. She is interested in the intersections of visual art, climate justice, and human rights.

Ingrid Eck '19 (Co-Facilitator)

Ingrid is from Tucson, Arizona and is majoring in Government, Environmental Studies, and French Studies. She is passionate about environmental justice, food sustainability, and animal welfare! She plans to pursue a career in the nonprofit world and later venture into politics. Ingrid cofounded the Veg Out campaign her freshman year and currently presides over its student group. She also serves as a board member of Wesleyan’s Sustainability Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship (SAGES), as President of Rho Epsilon Pi (Wesleyan’s only sorority), and as the Sustainability Coordinator for The City of Middletown. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, spending time with friends, cooking, and learning about astronomy and Buddhism.

Catherine Xi '21 (Financial Contact)


Cat is from San Diego, California and is a College of Social Studies major and perspective Environmental Studies double major. Cat is interested in environmental law and policy as well as promoting a zero waste culture. On campus, she is a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee, Asian American Student Collective, and works at Olin Library.

Medha Swaminathan '19 (Secretary)


Medha is from Washington, D.C. and studies Psychology and French. On campus, Medha is president of Shakti, Wesleyan's South Asian student collective, directs WesMalai, and dances with Fusion, Precision Ensemble & Collective Motion. Medha's vegetarian food blog, Whisk & Shout, promotes sustainable eating to a wide audience through self-developed recipe posts. Medha currently works as a barista at Pi Café and was previously an Eco-Facilitator with the Wesleyan Sustainability Office.

Phoebe Landsman '21 (Public Relations Manager)


Phoebe is from New York City and is a Government and Environmental Studies double major. She is passionate about sustainable farming, environmental justice, renewable energy initiatives, and reducing consumerism. Off campus, she has worked at a New York City coffee shop doing environmental research on compostable materials. On campus, she is an eco-facilitator, works at Pi Café, is a member of TERPcore and a sister of Rho Epsilon Pi, and loves to play squash in her free time.

Claudia Stagoff-Belfort '21 (Post-Project Manager)


Claudia is from Montclair, New Jersey and is interested in studying Science in Society and Neuroscience. On campus, she is a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee, Wesleyan Science Outreach and writes for The Argus. She interned for New York Public Interest Research Group, helping to create an accessible database of information about the NY water supply in the wake of Flint, Michigan. She has also worked with Project Renewal, a non-profit that provides healthcare and housing services for the homeless. She is passionate about how socio-economic status relates to issues of sustainability and healthcare access. 

William Maldonado '19 (IT Coordinator)


William is majoring in Film and Government. Besides the the Greenfund, he currently works at the Wesleyan Film Series as Head House Manager and is the President of the Alpha Psi Alpha Fraternity.  He hopes to continue to find new ways to define "environmentalist" and to extend that definition further into his communities. 

Afrah Boateng '20  


Afrah is from Newark, New Jersey and is a Film Studies and Economics double major. As a former intern at the Greater Newark Conservancy, she managed the sales of locally grown organic produce from a local nonprofit organization. For 3 years she partnered with Pennsylvania and New Jersey farms and pantries to coordinate a fresh produce distribution service and produced a documentary on food insecurity as part of an initiative to raise awareness on preventable hunger and food waste. She is interested in environmental protection and management.

Shaya Tousi '22


Shaya is from Long Island, New York, and is a prospective English, Environmental Studies, and French Studies triple major. On campus she is a student intern at the College of the Environment and writes for their blog, She also writes for the Artifex magazine and is a board member for the Video Game Development Club. She is interested in environmental law and the effect of the publishing industry and environmental literature on social change.

Andrei Pinkus '21


Andrei Pinkus is from Bethesda, Maryland and is majoring in Environmental Studies and Government. Andrei spent his past winter and summer working at a law firm, and works every year as a summer camp director in Berkeley, California. He enjoys learning about environmental issues and is passionate about local, domestic, and global solutions to the threats imposed on humanity by climate change. Andrei will be a Communications intern for the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions this summer and is planning on studying abroad in Bocas del Toro, Panama next fall. Andrei rowed in high school and his freshman year at Wes, but now occupies his free time with club volleyball and squash.

Syed Hussain '21


Syed is from Atlanta, Georgia and is studying American Government and Environmental Studies. He is interested in the intersection between racial, economic, and environmental actvisim and is considering law school as a path to fight for these issues. Syed will be a Doris Duke Conservation Scholar at the University of Michigan for the summers of 2019 and 2020, assisting in environmental research in the Great Lakes area and working with environmental advocacy groups around Michigan. On campus, Syed plays for Wesleyan’s Old Methodist Rugby Football Club and can often be found studying in the stacks.