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Student Resources:


New York Times Access

Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) provides campus-wide online access to the New York Times.  Make sure you check your email to verify you have received an email from the New York Times. Following the instructions to sign up, using your Wesleyan email address.


Spin Bike (Bike Share)

According to the News@Wesleyan post: 

Anyone with a email can borrow a bike for 50 cents for 30 minutes or receive unlimited rides for $14 per month. All new users get two hours of free riding. Anyone without a email address can rent a bike for $1 for 30 minutes or $29 per month.

To get started, riders can download the app by searching “Spin Bikes” in the app store and signing up with an email. Users must connect a credit/debit card to the app.

taken by Noah Kahan

taken by Noah Kahan

Once registered, a bike-borrower uses the app to locate a nearby bike and scans a QR code on the bike to unlock it. After riding, a borrower may drop off the bike at a bike rack and should make sure it is locked (via a metal pin that automatically fastens the back wheel to the frame.) The rental session ends when the rider locks the bike.

When parked, bikes should never block building doors, access ramps, railings, and campus roads and pathways. Wesleyan encourages bike-borrowers to park in, or near a bike rack, if possible.